Friday, 13 April 2012

'Music on the Edge' on Phonic FM's 'Classical Journey' Be among the first to hear their groundbreaking set for 'Two Days and Two Nights of New Music' in Odessa: Tuesday 17 April 10-12am

Chris Caldwell with his bass Clarinet
Susie Hodder-Williams with her flute
out on Dartmoor
- Scorhill Stone Circle on Gidleigh Common 
(photograph by Chris Chapman)

Next week will be a very busy one for clarinettist Chris Caldwell and flautist Susie Hodder-Williams.

They will be travelling to Odessa in the Ukraine to attend the 18th 'International Festival of Modern Art' and particularly the 'Two Days and Two Nights of New Music' which will take place on Saturday and Sunday 21/22 April.

Chris and Susie will not only be hearing a lot of exciting new music - much of it home-grown in the Ukraine - but will also play a set of their own. They are booked to play at 2am on the first night (i.e. Sunday morning!).

Click on the image above to see the full details of how Sunday morning will start in Odessa.

(Or click here to leaf through the full online 2D2N programme.)

Chris and Susie's 'Music on the Edge' set looks very impressive:

Flute, bass clarinet, saxophone - Tibetan singing bowl! What a combination.

And we can hear that set right here in the UK! - Right here in Devon!

Music on the Edge will be 'Live at the Long Room' at the Drewe Arms in Drewsteignton

Tuesday 17th April 8.30pm

(Tricky to find, but well worth the effort - EX6 6QN if you have a navigation aid
 - just take the A30 towards Okehampton, take the Cheriton Bishop turn-off
continue to Crockernwell, then there's a narrow road on the left, just past the village
 - which will take you all the way to Drewsteignton!)

In the Long Room, in front of a roaring fire (it's still quite nippy on the moor at night!),
we can have a sneak preview of what music lovers in the Crimea will be enjoying at the weekend.

Want to 'try before you buy'? - Tune in to Phonic FM on the morning of Tuesday 17th April, between 10 and 12 am, and hear Chris and Susie play for us on the 'Classical Journey'.

Wherever you are, you can enjoy the exciting new sounds of 'Music on the Edge'!

Classical Journey: Tuesday 10am till noon

106.8 FM in Exeter (i.e. within range of the transmitter at the Exeter Phoenix) to listen to live streaming of the programme anywhere in the world

- even in the Ukraine!

Woodwind Duo
'Music on the Edge'
Susie Hodder-Williams
& Chris Caldwell
(flute & bass clarinet)
Photo: Chris Chapman
Music on the Edge
Spring Series 2012
The Drewe Arms, Drewsteignton
Tuesday 17 April 8.30pm
(NOT Monday 16 April)
Playing by the roaring fire in the 'Long Room'
(Catch them before they go to Odessa for
  the 18th International Festival of Modern Art)
Admission: £8 (U21 Free)
Information: The Drewe Arms - 01647 281224
(Hear Chris and Susie play their music on air
- 'Classical Journey', Phonic FM, 10-12, Tue 17 Apr)

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