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Music on the Edge return with Emma Welton Drewsteignton Tuesday 27 March 8.30pm


On 16 February there was a well attended and enjoyable concert by 'Music on the Edge' at the Long Room in Drewsteignton (photos). Chris Caldwell (clarinets) and Susie Hodder-Williams (flutes) were joined by guests Emma Welton (violin and double bass) and Rick Bolton (guitar and 'cello).

The programme was extraordinary:

Percy Grainger: 'Molly on the Shore' (two Irish reels for string quartet) 1907
(violin, soprano saxophone, and flute with 'cello pizzicato and glissando)
Joseph Haydn: London Trio for 2 flutes & 'cello 1794 arranged by local musician Chris Barr
(violin and flute with baritone saxophone 'rhythm section')
George Gershwin: Shall we Dance (Astaire & Rogers) 1937 'Walking the Dog'
(clarinet, double bass, guitar, alto flute - and introducing bass clarinet!)
A free improvisation! - started by a late arrival opening the door with a squeek
Emma reproduced the squeek on her violin, then built into James Tenny's 'Koan' 1977
(which she played at Rebecca Willson's Nonclassical concert at the Bikeshed Theatre 2 Oct 2011)
(violin + soprano saxophone and 'sampled' electrical guitar)
Johann Sebastian Bach (the world's finest jazz improviser, says Chris)
Sonata for flute and harpsichord
'Sicilienne' (violin, 'cello and flute)
Michael Nyman medley
- Peter Greenaway's 'The Draughtsman's Contract' 1982: Chasing Sheep is best left to shepherds
- Neil Jordan's 'The End of the Affair' 1999: Diary of Love
- Akinora Nagaoka's 'Anna no Nikki' (The Diary of Anne Frank) 1995: Chatterbox Waltz
(violin, soprano saxophone, 'cello, flute with a change to baritone saxophone, double bass and guitar)

Missed that? - or want to hear more?

'Music on the Edge' will return next Tuesday (27 March). Rick Bolton will not be with them, but Emma Welton will make a welcome return with her double bass and fiddle.

Here's a sample of what they will be playing:

Live at the Long Room   Tuesday 27th March
Jimmie Rodgers: English Country garden 1962

Igor Stravinsky: Rite of Spring 1913 – an improvisation!

Felix Mendelssohn: ‘Lieder Ohne Worte’ Book V 1844
'Fruhligslied' (Spring Song) = Camberwell Green

Johann Sebastian Bach: St Matthew Passion - one movement

Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart: from ‘I married an Angel’ 1938
- Spring Is Here - originally composed 1929

Sydney Carter: Lord of the Dance 1967
- words inspired by “Tomorrow shall be my Dancing Day”
from William Sandy's Carols Ancient & Modern 1833
- tune from “Simple Gifts” by Shaker Elder Joseph Brackett 1848

et cetera!

An exciting spring and Easter theme expressed in music from many different sources
- and played on an unorthodox selection of musical instruments - beautifully!

Lots of fun in the 'Long Room' of the Drewe Arms, Drewsteignton

8.30pm Tuesday 27th March

Admission £8
Early birds £7.50 from:


07906 266565

Under 21? - Admission FREE

Dartmoor with a difference!

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