Thursday, 1 March 2012

Cygnet New Theatre Productions: 'As You Like it' 16-18 & 21-25 February

Celia and Rosalind (Lucy Theobald and Tessa Gaukroger)

Touchstone (Matthew Neighbour)

Introducing a wrestling match
Le Beau (Hannah Brooks)

The challenger introduces himself -
Orlando (Scott Goodaire)
under the watchful eye of Duke Frederick (Sam Burns)

Charles the wrestler (Joe Thurston)


Advantage Charles


The tables are turned

The Duke congratulates the victor

Rosalind presents him with a locket

Rosalind is sent into exile by her uncle - the Duke

Also in exile in the woods -
Duke Senior (Joe Thurston)

And one of his followers -
Amiens (Louisa Wilde)

The Duke's daughter Celia has gone with Rosalind
The duke orders a thorough search
Officer: Jason Phelps

Amiens is joined by Jaques (Sam Burns)
- a melancholy fellow

- and cheers him up with a song
(incredible singing by Louisa Wilde!)

Orlando demands food with menaces
(The woodland folk see him right, and there's no violence)

Jaques (Sam Burns) declaims
- the seven ages of man

Touchstone has a new friend
Corin the shepherd (Tessa Corob Cook)

Rosalind is disguised as a man (Ganymede)
Orlando doesn't recognise her

Touchstone has fallen in love
- with Audrey (Louisa Wilde)

They think it will be wonderful to get married

What does the vicar think?
Sir Oliver Mar-Text (Jason Phelps)

He'll do it!

Cousins Rosalind and Celia wonder what to do for the best

Unrequited love -
Phoebe (Hannah Brooks) is loved by
Sylvius (Sorrel Meechan)

But Phoebe has fallen for another 'man' - Ganymede!

- who tries to bring them together

Phoebe still dreams of Ganymede

Cue for a rousing song!

Sylvius delivers Phoebe's letter of rejection

What's the idea?

Orlando's evil brother Oliver (Jason Phelps)
appears in the forest with a tale of being rescued
by his heroic brother Orlando
- That's his blood on the handkerchief . . .

It's all too much for Rosalind

Audrey remembers she has another boyfriend

- William (Joe Thurston).
Touchstone sees him off with threats

Exit William

Touchstone regales the woodland folk

- who are greatly amused

The Woodland Orchestra

- welcomes the happy couples

A happy tableau of young love
(Touchstone gives his trademark 'pistol-shot')

Rosalind (Tessa Gaukroger)
delivers the epilogue

A sweet homily

The End

The Full Cast
Jason Phelps, Sam Burns, Louisa Wilde, Lucy Theobald,
Matthew Neighbour, Tessa Gaukroger, Scott Goodaire,
Hannah Brooks, Joe Thurston, Tessa Corob Cook,
Sorrel Meechan

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