Thursday, 1 March 2012

Classical Journey Tuesday 21 February: David Acres (Antiphon), Catherine Cartwright (Al Mutanabbi Coalition), Beca Pennar, Kit Fotheringham & Michael Willmott (Exeter University Symphony Orchestra & Choral society), Louisa Wilde, Tessa Gaukroger & Matthew Neighbour (Cygnet New Theatre)

(Photography by Cecil Hatfield and Dorota Turowska)

To open the programme
David Acres discusses Antiphon
(Buckfast Abbey Saturday 3 March)

Catherine Cartwright reads the news report
of the Al Mutanabbi Street attack in 2007
and recites Iraqi poetry
(full recital, Double Elephant 5 March)

Exeter University Symphony Orchestra President: Beca Pennar
Lead Violinist: Kit Fotheringham, Choral Society Tenor: Michael Willmott
Discuss 'Sound of the South West' - University Great Hall 4 March

Cygnet New Theatre Actors
Louisa Wilde, Tessa Gaukroger, Matthew Neighbour
Discuss 'As You Like It' (run ends 25 February)
(Photography by Cecil Hatfield and Doroto Turowska)

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