Saturday, 31 March 2012

Ad Hoc Chamber Choir rehearse Rachmaninov: Photographs at Killerton Chapel

Natasha Iuchanka had no camera with her when she went to see the Ad Hoc Chamber Choir at St Mary Arches Church (just her incredible powers of description! - see 'Letter from Natasha'). However, there are pictures of the Ad-Hoc Chamber Choir singing Rachmaninov's 'Vespers 1915' - not at St Mary Arches Church, but at Killerton Chapel on a sunny spring afternoon.

The sound effects in the chapel were impressive - as were the light effects, as the late afternoon sun broke through the rose window in the west front of the building.

Without the benefit of photographs the description ('Ad Hoc Chamber Choir' Monday 19th March) was:

Ad Hoc had a glorious rehearsal at Killerton Chapel on Sunday afternoon. Visitors to the gardens could hear the beautiful music of the choir inside the chapel and flocked in to hear the choir sing unnacompanied under the direction of Matthew Pollard and Alex West.

Matthew and Alex were also singing, and there were several other familiar voices in the choir: Katherine Luke (soprano with Matthew Cann's Antiphon Choir), Ben Pennington (Tenor and Director of the Starling Octet), altos Sophie Nicholson and Katherine Salvetti, soprano Marianne Butler and bass Bjoen Fabritus.

s the sun set the choir were drenched in muliticoloured light from the stained glass of the rose window. The beautiful play of light just added to the magical experience of this timeless music performed in such an atmospheric setting.

Now we can see for ourselves . . .

Matthew Pollard
Alex West

Ben Pennington
The Full Choir

Katherine Salvetti & Sophie Nicholson
Killerton visitors are fascinated

Marrianne Butler
On the right: Katherine Luke

A wecoming sight - and sound
A change of line-up

Now Alex and Ben are bathed in colour
Ben is joined by Bjoern Fabritus
A great afternoon's work!

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