Monday, 3 October 2011

David Cottam - Dreams and Dances for Guitar Sandford Friday 23 September

David Cottam gave another spectacualr performance at his home village of Sandford, in the parish church of St Swithun - for the Festival of Flowers.
Billed as 'David Cottam and Friends' there were several exciting surprise guests.

Two local luthiers were there - Shaun Newman to provide an exceptional new guitar, and Daniel Tissot who provided the loan of his very last creation before he retired - a stunning renaissance lute. David astounded everyone with his skill and delicacy on the lute - 'Wilson's Wilde', 'Mistress White's Nothing', 'Kemp's Jig', 'Packington Pound' and John Dowland's 'Orlando Sleepeth'.

Hilary Boxer joined David for two 'cello and guitar duets to give a flavour of the forthcoming 'Tasty Music' concert series, which will start with 'Sounds of Spain' at an exciting new venue in Cullompton, The Corn Barn.

There was a brief preview by David's guitar pupil, Scipio Mosley, of his Villa Lobos recital, to take place the following day (see post below).

Another pupil Marnic Loyson played one of David's compositions and joined David in Duet for two exciting pieces by Turlough O'Carolan: 'Planxty Irwin' and 'Sons of Carrilhoes'

Crediton Luthier Shaun Newman with David Cottam's remarkable new guitar

Retired Swiss Dolmetch Luthier Daniel Tissot with his last lute - never heard before
(David Played renaissance lute music by John Dowland)

David playing the new guitar in his own solo compositions

and letting loose with talented pupil Marnick Loysen
in David's duet arrangement of Irish music by Turlough O'Carolan

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