Monday, 19 September 2011

Hilary Boxer's New 'Tasty Music' Concert Series

At the end of 2010 'cellist Hilary Boxer created a sensation with her series of 'Tasty Music' concerts. She brought together delicious musical combinations - 'cello with 'cello, with guitar and with piano - not to mention the delicious food she provided. 'Mellow 'Cellos' with chocolate was something really special!

This year's series is even more adventurous, and takes in venues across Devon - including Barnstaple, home of pianist Susan Steele.

In brief the concerts will include:

Sounds of Spain:
Hilary Boxer & David Cottam (guitar) - Granados, Villa-Lobos and Piazzolla
originally heard on Monday  8th November last year.
details: 'Tango!' 8/11/10
Sun 2 Oct, 4pm, The Corn Barn (Yta Batchelor 01884 32107)
Wed 12 Oct, 12.30pm, Bicton College (with lunch) 01395 562300
Mon 7 Nov, 12.30pm, TBA*

Sonatas Spirited and Serene
Hilary Boxer & Susan Steele (piano) - Beethoven, Bach and Boccherini
originally heard on Monday  6th December last year.
For details scroll down the post: 'And it came to pass . . . ' 6/12/10
Wed 5 Oct, 1pm, Queen's Theatre Barnstaple (01271 327357)
Wed 19 Oct, 12.30pm, Glenorchy URC Exmouth (free admission!)

'Cello Chaconne
Hilary Boxer & Jane Pirie (also 'cello) - classical/ trad/folk/jazz
originally heard on Monday 11th October last year
details: 'It was Wonderful!' 11/10/10
Wed 9 Nov, 12.30pm, Bicton College (with lunch) 01395 562300
Sun 13 Nov, 4pm, The Corn Barn (Yta Batchelor 01884 32107)
Mon 21 Nov, 12.30pm. TBA*

Festive Flute**
Hilary Boxer & Ruth Avis (flute) - Bach, Villa-Lobos, seasonal tunes
A new collaboration for Hilary, but Ruth is a well known local artist -
details: 'Songs for Flute and Piano' with pianist James Keefe 25/10/10
Also scroll down 'A Week of Music' 7/11/10 for details of
Ruth's 'Piazzolla Duo' concert with guitarist Clive Betts
Sun 4 Dec, 4pm, The Corn Barn (Yta Batchelor 01884 32107)
Mon 5 Dec, 12.30pm. TBA*
Wed 7 Dec, 12.30pm, Bicton College (with lunch) 01395 562300

Full details of all 'Tasty Music' concerts are available at

Superb work - top marks to Hilary and her fellow musicians!!!

*   Music Room not available owing to staff cuts at Exeter Central Library?

** Not to be confused with flautist Mel Orriss's flute quartet 'Festive Flutes'!

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