Monday, 19 September 2011

Classical Journey Tuesday 20 September with Special Guest, Pianist Joyce Clarke

Pianist Joyce Clarke in concert at the
Arsenale di Venezia
This Tuesday we have a very special guest in the Phonic FM studio for the 'Classical Journey' programme. Joyce Clarke is a professional concert pianist, who also gives up her time to provide local concerts in Devon, and to raise money for local charities.
Joyce regularly gets together with violinist Anna Cockroft and 'cellist Ruth Lass to form the 'Beacon Piano Trio'. The trio gave a delightful concert on Wednesday 9th February this year (details). Joyce also performs many beautiful solo recitals. Before her recent concert at the Arsenale in Venice, she gave us a very enjoyable preview of that programme at a concert on Wednesday 4th May (details).

This Tuesday morning on the 'Classical Journey', we can enjoy two hours of Joyce's superb recordings - all made at Harewood in East Devon. We shall start with some of her favourite pieces from the classical repertoire, recorded between November last year and February this year. We can also hear some very special recordings, made in 2009, of Joyce playing music composed by the great British composer, Harold Noble - Joyce's father.
(Credit, of course, to the recording engineer - Ian Loud - for the impressive sound quality on the recordings!)

As we enjoy the music we can also hear from Joyce about her life as a musician - and of course about her father, Harold Noble.

Here's what we can look forward to hearing this Tuesday morning:

Beethoven -      Pathetique Sonata 2nd movement                   
Chopin -         Nocturne in C sharp minor 
Brahms -         Intermezzo in A  
Rachmaninoff -   How Fair is this Place    
Harold Noble:
Sentimental Tune 
Morning Song                       
Midsummer Days                     
Tomorrow's Lullaby                 
Party Piece

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