Monday, 1 August 2011

Fred Gest in Concert at St Andrew's Church Colyton Sunday 31 July

Visiting Dutch Concert Pianist Fred Gest
delights an audience at St Andrew's Colyton
Fred Gest is a concert pianist and music teacher from Lisse in the Netherlands. He is currently enjoying a long holiday in the UK, enjoying Devon life - and music.
At Newton St Cyres on 19 July he enjoyed Andrew Daldorph's Jazz composition 'Mass for Life' where Andrew played the piano and saxophone was provided by Chris Gradwell.
This week he heard Bethany Partridge's song recital at the Budleigh Festival.
Finally on Sunday he gave a recital of his own. On the well 'broken in' grand piano at St Andrew's Church Colyton ('played in' as Fred says) he gave a gorgeous one hour 'coffee and music' concert at 11.15am.
Scarlatti: 3 Sonatas
Schubert: Scherzo from the  B flat Sonata
Chopin: Prelude No 15, 'The Raindrop'
                 First Polonaise
Granados: Minuet
Albeniz: Granada
A beautiful combination of baroque, romantic and Spanish, all introduced by Fred himself in his delightful English.

All was recorded for posterity by Mike Gluyas, the perfectionist sound engineer from Down St Mary. We look forward to hearing extracts from Fred's recital on the 'Journey' as soon as Mike has worked his editing magic.

Thanks for a great concert Fred, and enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Also in the audience were several familiar local musicians, all eager to hear Fred play. Soprano Rosemary Henry, who performed 'One Perfect Rose' so beautifully at Glenorcy with Josephine Pickering on 4 December last year, and Rosemary's husband, woodwind player Philip Henry, who performed the permiere of Josephine's 'Reverie for Cor Anglais' with the composer at the same concert, both came from Topsham to hear Fred's concert.

Pianist Joyce Clarke, who played at Glenorchy with the Beacon Piano Trio on 3 February, and in a solo performance on 4 May, travelled from West Hill to hear the man himself. (Listen out for Joyce on the 'Classical Journey' in September, we'll have a full programmer of her wonderful playing on Tuesday 20th.)

Also listening was jazz clarinettist Chris Gradwell, who Fred was listening to on 19 July. Fred will be able to hear him again on Sunday 28 August, when 'Chris Gradwell and Friends' under the name of 'Music Deco' will be performing an evening of jazz numbers with Singer Kate Walker at Kennaway House in Sidmouth. Chris will also be perfaroming at his home venue of the Mariners Hall in Beer with another ensemble, 'A.J.' in cabaret with 'Big Band' saxophonist Ted White (94!)

There was even more exciting news about Chris Gradwell. On 25 February next year he will be in the orchestra for the East Devon Choral Society performance of Beethoven's 'Mass in C' (/Mozart's 'Mass in C minor', I always get confused!). At that concert Chris will also be soloist in Mozart's Clarinet Concerto - both works to be conducted by Andrew Daldorph.

Watch this space for details!

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