Monday, 20 June 2011

Ana Mendes to perform 'Self-Portrait' at the Exeter Fringe


After its highly successful run at Absolut Fringe Dublin 2010, Self-portrait, a play written and performed by Ana Mendes, a Portuguese playwright, performer and filmmaker based in London, will be playing at the Barnstaple Fringe Theatre Festival and the Exeter Fringe Festival, from 22nd to 25th June 2011.

Self-portrait is about Ana Mendes’ identity, from her personal details and, birth and medical records, and her family’s medical history to police questionnaires and health surveys. But it is a self-portrait.

The play reflects on the role that heritage plays in our life. Given the fact that a substantial part of our lives is predetermined by genetic factors, geographic origin and cultural background, among others, there is only a small part of our persona that can be developed. Nevertheless, it is the most important.  The play questions the identity of citizens in a contemporary world in which they struggle to find their voice.

Self-portrait has been produced across England and Europe. Touring includes: The Basement (Brighton), University of Bath, Pinter Centre/Goldsmiths College (London), Contact Centre (Manchester); Jack Studio (London), Amsterdam Fringe  (Netherlands) and Balleteatro (Portugal).

Ana Mendes’ writings have been published in Portugal, France, Brazil and Switzerland. Her plays have been produced in Portugal, England, Ireland, France and the Netherlands. She is currently finishing an MA in Writing for Performance at Goldsmiths, University of London. Prior to this, she graduated in Communication Sciences from the University of Beira Interior in Portugal, and studied cinema at the School La Poudrière, École du Film d’Animation, in France. Ana won the playwrighting competition organized by the theatre company Artistas Unidos (Lisbon) in 2008, and the national theatre award – Albufeira Literary Theatre Award (Portugal) – in 2010. She is also the recipient of several other literary and cinematographic awards. Her films have been shown in Europe and the USA.

Venue: Exeter Phoenix, Black Box
Schedule: 22 June, Wed., 9pm; 23 June, Thurs., 9pm; 25 June, Saturday, 9 pm.

Venue: Gallery@Queen’s Theatre
Schedule: 23 June, Thursday, 5pm; 24 June, Friday, 5.15pm; 25 June, Saturday, 3pm.

For further details about the play, please check the videos on youtube:

Detailed information about Ana Mendes’ work, can be found on the website

Confirmations and enquiries:
Ana Mendes
Tel: 07950800909

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