Friday, 10 June 2011

Exeter Recorded Concert Society - A Special Guest

The Exeter Recorded Concert Society has been meeting to listen to music in the Exeter Central Library Music Room since the 1950s. The programmes are very similar to the 'Classical Journey' but with a live audience.
Meetings are every other saturday at 1.30pm.
The overwhelming amount of live music in and around Exeter has prevented me from attending lately, but I recently received this message from a member describing the programme by visiting speaker Stephen Huyshe-Shires called "I didn't get where I am today withour . . . " - which caused me so much confusion during the concert run-down.
Many thanks to Max and Juliet for getting in touch. Here's what they said about the programme:
Hello Luch,
At the last Recorded Concert Society meeting we had a visiting presenter from Sidmouth & he blended his life story or part of it with his music that broke through the barriers for him. It struck a chord with me as it probably did for everyone.
He started off with 2 piano pieces by William Baines who died of TB at 23.
Then we had some terrific  Jazz saxophone with Sonny Rollins.
Then a Movemen't from Dvorak's 8th Symphony.
Then to finish before the interval  he played a short Beethoven Sonata
& some terrific piano playing of a few movtements from  "Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky.
Like most of us he said that some composers didn't mean much to him till he heard a piece at the right time which unlocked it for him - in this case Mahler & he played a mov't from his Symph No1. This happened to me too. I found that I liked 2or3 but never bothered with the rest or just didn't hear them.
Then we had bits of Verdi's Requiem
- Brahmn's Clarinet Quartet
- Messiaen's Quartet 'From the end of time', composed in a concentration camp
(about the only piece of his that I like).
A Strauss song
& a Movement from Shostakovitch Symphony No 5 finished the program
It is bring &Play on June 11th & I am doing a program on "The great Outdoors" on the 25th June.
Best wishes from     Max & Juliet
Great to hear from you Max and Juliet.
Here is the full list of programmes for the rest of the current season:
11 June: 'Bring and Play' (members - and visitors - bring their favourite classical recordings)
25 June: Max Gaskell "The Great Outdoors"
9 July: Colin Mapledorum "The Broadcast Years"
23 July: James Roe "A Musical Miscellany"
6 August: Annual General Meeting (+ Bring and Play)
The Autumn Season starts on Saturday 10 September

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