Monday, 11 April 2011

Update on Rebecca Willson

Following her impressive piano recital on 14 March in the Music Room, many people have been asking for details of the programme, and wondering whether we will be able to hear any of her playing on Phonic FM.

We heard:

1. Caleb Burhans: 'In Time of Desperation' (2003)
2. Joyce Beehuan Koh: 'Piano Peals' (2002)
3. Somei Satoh: 'Incarnation II' (1978)
4. Graham Fitkin: 'The Cone Gatherers' (1987)
5. Permagnus Lindborg: 'Bugo Resonances' (2003)
6. Rodesik De Man: 'Wajang' (2002)
7. Graham Fitkin: 'Fervent' (1994)

Mike Gluyas recorded the concert, and is so far able to release a recording of Rebecca playing 'Incantation II' composed by Tokyo pianist Somei Satoh in the contemporary traditional 'gendai hogaku' style.  A compelling piece with a gentle rippling rhythm which Rebecca swelled to a superbly controlled crescdendo giving a wonderful effect like a full organ.

click for a blow-up of the
'Nonclassical poster'
We shall hear this recording towards the end of this Tuesday's 'Classical Journey' or, depending on time, next week.
In the excitement of 'Springtime is Coming' and the 'B minor Mass' on Sat 2 April, the launch of  new project, in Plymouth on the same night, was overlooked. The project is called 'Nonclassical' and involved Rebecca's playing,   To see what that was about, and check for details about future 'Nonclassical' performances at the Bikeshed here in Exeter, go to;
Watch out for a post about Rebecca on the Phonic FM website, where you will be able to listen to Rebecca playing Satoh's 'Incantation II'.

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