Friday, 8 October 2010

Kate Ellis

Author Kate Ellis
who will be talking on air next Tuesday morning
about her Wesley Peterson novel
'The Flesh Tailor'
If you love a good detective novel, and you love Devon countryside and history, the novelist for you has to be Kate Ellis
Born and brought up in Liverpool, A graduate of the Manchester Faculty of Drama, and currently living in North Cheshire, Kate nevertheless chose Devon as the setting for her Wesley Peterson series of novels, which now runs to fourteen volumes.
Wesley, originally from Trinidad, graduated in archaeology at Exeter University and is a police detective in Tradmouth (which is loosely based on Dartmouth, but has a large police headquarters).
With each mystery that Wesley tackles we find that his fellow graduate, Neil Watson, who is now working as a professional archaeologist, has a historical mystery of his own.  Interesting parallels and connections arise between the two sleuths' investigations.  The Devon history which Kate introduces is always meticulously researched, detailed and accurate.  The history alone would make Kate's work a compelling read.  Her wonderful contemporary stories and characters make her novels truly compelling reading, full of drama and suspense.

Hear about Kate and her novels in her own words.  She will be joining the 'Classical Journey' at 10am next Tuesday, 12th October, to discuss her work and - as a very special treat - read a selection from her latest Wesley Peterson novel, 'The Flesh Tailor', live right here on Phonic FM.  Tune in to 106.8 FM or go to (click the link on the right) and be sure not to miss the wonderful Kate Ellis!

And Kate is working on a new Wesley Peterson novel  apprearing soon, 'The Jackal Man'.

To find out more about Kate and her novels click here.

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